Wicked Koins

Community Governance Tokens


Cardano Blockchain


71m (71,000,000) Wicked - Community

710 Kraken - Kraken Owners Only

710 Kraken - (NFTs) Kraken Owners Only

10% Royalties go to Coral Restoration

Other tokens in Eco-system

Atlantis Q4 2021

Glass Q2 2022

Ocean Q3 2022

Art Q4 2022




Jan 19, 2020

Purpose I Royalties for Coral Restoration Foundation

Wicked Koin is a digital asset token on Cardano Blockchain. A stepping stone in my quest to retain value for the future secondary market, while creating a royalty system gives back to charity. This is a for profit charity system revolving around use of the "Kraken" Koin - Kraken NFTs, which is the end-to-end glass-backed coin (token). A digital certificate technology on the blockchain for glass authenticity.


2000 Wicked Koin > 1 Kraken Koin > 1 Kraken NFT

Purchase or earn 2000 Wicked, exchange for the Kraken Koin. Kraken Koin will be needed to purchase the Kraken NFT when it goes up for sale. First come first serve all on the Cardano blockchain. As i fade out drops as they have been this is required by Galleries as well. 

On several upcoming projects, Kraken owners will be receiving royalties as they hold their NFT certificate in their wallet. 


Blockchain combines transparency and anonymity. NFT versions create a clear record of the creator and previous ownership. It is used to pair the tangible and digital worlds.

As of now "Wicked" is only gifted thru airdrops and giveaways until PHASE 1 goes *live.

Stay tuned, it will be released to members first in Dec, then to the public to Social Platforms, then Mar or April 2022 to the public.

UPDATE: Phase 1 Closed Phase 2 Open Until Feb 1st 2022

Eligible: Website members, galleries from 2019-21, current Wicked and Atlantis holders  


Jan 2021 - Jul 2022

Jul 2022 - Dec 2022

White Paper "Wicked" Koin 

Kraken "200" Mint NFT Project

Website landing pages

Social media promotions (NFTs airdropped to "Wicked" Koin holders)

Kyrpto Kraken hatched. Migrated to Cardano and distributed to owners

Krypto Krakens (TBA, NOT THE KRYPTO KRAKEN) airdropped (NFTs)

Kraken Trading Cards airdropped (NFTs) 

Krakens Authenticity (NFTs) burned and reminted on Cardano

Tokenomics (distribution to developers, social media, & wicked krew)

Get whitelisted for social media milestones reached and promotions

Whitelist presale for collectors, galleries, website members and OG followers through PHASES 1-4

Private Discord or Telegram discussion begins

Krypto Krakens NFT Project (not THE Krypto Kraken) -> Krakens

Ambassadors chosen

Moderators chosen

"Wicked" Koin Governance offered to public 

"Glass" Token airdropped

Glass Artists of group tokenization (Tokenize glass artists of  (Glass Artist Exchange) "Glass" Token

The Kraken Foundation (Blockchain artist service) launched

Jan 2023 - Dec 2023

Glass gallery creation process begins (24 Piece traveling, revolving, NFT glass gallery on chain)

Artist collaborations

Charity partnerships

"Ocean" Token offering (Coral Restoration Charity) "Ocean" Token airdropped

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