The Kraken inspired by the blockchain universe he resides on. The Krypto Kraken is the first of its kind where a functional glass art piece is for art and investment purposes only. THESE 710 NFTS represent ownership, like % (SHARES) OF THE TANGIBLE ART PIECE ITSELF. I never intended NFT use for JUST A PICTURE. :) First hatched on Waves Dec 2019, burned then moved to Ethereum in March 2020. As of today Sept 15th with the hardfork, it is now minted on Cardano. Eth NFT versions will be burned as Cardano are distributed. The idea of fractional ownership in a way ive yet to be seen before its inception. :) The driving force to use blockchain was to solve a function, store value while creating a transparent royalty system the goes to charity.  

  - 5% goes to insurance and maintenance
- 5%  to Coral Restoration Foundation  

     This piece will be showcased as it travels in a typical  octopus nomadic behavior.  Wandering to some of the finest Glass Galleries for designated amounts of time. Which galleries will be based on how much % owned of the Krypto Kraken 710 Supply. It will be on display telling the story of traveling the ambiguous doing glass on the road, that led to creation of 
Kraken #300. :)

Holders | Owners

35% Wicked AKA me ( To maintain governance )
20% Investment group 1 ( SOLD )
10% Investment group 2 ( SOLD )
10% Investment group 3 ( SOLD )
5% Gallery 1 ( SOLD )
5% Gallery 2 ( SOLD )
5% Gallery 3 ( SOLD )
10% Community ( Sept - Dec 2021 )

*Will be first displayed winter of 2021 ( TBA )
** This is not to be mistaken for the Trading Card :)