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What's Kraken?

     "Most work for the privilege to work, so do what you love."

Name: jimi aka wicked aka wickedglasss

From: Santa Cruz, CA

I am a traveling glass artisan who has spent the last 10yrs wandering, traversing every state in the continental US and venturing beyond. Work is where i park it.

The Kraken Series, stands as a symbolic

representation of my nomadic lifestyle and

perpetual exploration. 

IMG_2157 2.jpg
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My story | In short

     As mentioned about, Krakens are a metaphor of nomadic movement. In 2015 i started The Kraken Foundation. Its purpose is to give back what i can through art. 5% of Krakens and all profits of items in the store, go to Coral Restoration in Key Largo, FL. Glass derives from sand, sand from coral. So it is a nice idea to see it go full circle. Therefore my glass art is primarily charity driven. Thanks to all those that supported me over the years as we do our small part for the oceans. :)

Krakens are large legendary sea monsters of the deep, described as octopus like creatures.



 Let's connect.

Wicked Glass

322 Pacific Ave

Santa Cruz Ca 95060

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