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What's Kraken?

     "Most work for the privilege to work" - Radio Mike Slab City 2013

One, if not one of the most profound quotes i ever heard. I met Mike

my first winter i stayed in Slab City. I spent 3 winters in Slab City and its

surrounding deserts, blowing glass remotely. Mike was my neighbor of 

Edith lane, they had roads of dirt. :) He would stream the local radio for the desert community and partake in Fridays playing live drums at The

Range. I returned to Slab City in 2020 looking for Mike as i have lost contact via Social Media. Summer of 2020 i broke down enroute to link in Marfa, TX. I hope one day Mike may see this and give me coordinates to catchup. I planned to return to Santa Cruz after 420 days of roaming, but that quote kept me going to this day.

Edited: 072122 got word Mike died that summer of 2020. Many speculate covid, but does not matter. Very unfortunate i broke down that month. Single handedly my biggest inspiration to continue what i am doing. The second i have time i will make something in his memory. Such a great guy and always good vibes. Rip 

Find me in Studios: 

Summer - Santa Cruz, Ca or out and about.

Winter - St. Petersburg, Fl

IMG_2157 2.jpg
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My story | In short

     Name is Jimi. Thanks for finding me. Im a wandering glass artist from Santa Cruz, California. I strive to implement my own glass designs inspired from traveling the ambiguous. I love to inspire people to do what they love, regardless of societies ridicule. Step over those lines drawn, they are imaginary. Over the past 9+ years i visited 48 States 15 Countries (24 Total) since i left in 2013. The Kraken i created from glass as a symbolic metaphor of this nomadic behavior. A idea to me sitting in a mechanics lounge in Waco, TX in 2014. 

Krakens are large legendary sea monsters of the deep, described as octopus like creatures.

Not many have picked up on the theme that will run through my book of solitary mobile travel while "working". Restless, nomadic, moving there locations regularly, and watching the busy reef from their sanctuary. Octopus are also solitary creatures. Introversion is not being "shy" , its just a way to gather ones energy from solitude then their surroundings. Krakens are guardians of the Sea. :) 

5years later i decided to blockchain this art with hopes of raising royalties for charity, after donating several years to ocean conservation. The idea to have recurring royalties associated with secondary market collections, was the core motivation. This brings many functions to one creation. Functional, sociable, economical, charitable. Glass with a higher purpose! :)



 Let's connect.

Wicked Glass

322 Pacific Ave

Santa Cruz Ca 95060

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