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Join my future charity group Focus on going full circle, giving back to Coral and  Ocean Conservation through glass art.

There are plenty of ways you can help out without buying glass. One of the most impactful ways is by committing to be a member. Make a generous contribution today and join our valued group of charitable givers. Contact how your donation will help.


20% off all glass

Includes collabs (my portion)

Support Our Oceans

100% Of membership koin sales go to charity

Free Glass Repairs

Seasonal depending on current location

Membership Giveaways

Free entry to membership only giveaways

Kraken Owners Automatic Members

Their Kraken Koins are membership koins as well. 5% of all kraken sales go to a kraken fund for charity.

4 Ways To Join

1. Purchase $100 Membership Koin (Profit goes to charity)
2. Adopt a Kraken
3. Find a Koin via summer treasure hunt
4. Amazing support and is gifted with small donation to charity.

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