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“200” Mint, Last Of The Krakens Date: TBA

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Happy New Years Eve from 25000 ft on La Plane. Very excited about this upcoming project which I will drop in Feb or March (TBA) called “200”. I’m working with a team of blockchain developers to grant any collector or gallery the ability to “MINT” their own Kraken NFT. The protocol (computer code) will use an algorithm function by taking a series of attributes, variables, colors, and rarities to CREATE your Kraken into a 3D graphic image. This digital 3D image NFT will then have a number, by sequence recreate in “real” life. :) Taking 3 years to finish. Current average wait since start has been 9-16 months, so not to far off from current waitlist. Tho i believe those last 50 will become very welcomed with open arms. haha That said these NFT 3D Graphic images will be tradeable as the first day!! :)

Combining technology, blockchain and art in a way NEVER seen. Wanted to do a year ago but was too far out from ending the series and the code wasn’t there. 2 levels up on my current form of authenticity. I believe it will be part of Art history just as the Krypto Kraken first used fractionation of ownership thru NFTs. Krakens were also the first to be certified on the blockchain for providence, therefore just takin it 2 steps further. Long term even have these Krakens built in a way for a user to use in METAVERSE Coral Reef??? Waaah? Haha Unfortunately this is geared towards individuals who are a tad more computer savvy. It does require knowledge how to operate digital wallets, it requires Ethereum for gas to mint. Making it couple bucks above suggested retail with mint fees. That said I honestly believe the fundamentals will hold value in the realm of social collectibility. “200” mint project will be more discussed as the team finishes the website, graphics and code to Release The “200”. A email and a upcoming campaign will give ya a heads up 2weeks prior. Only difference between these self mint NFTs and NFTs for current Krakens is the graphic associated with its certification. This project once launched will take 4yrs to complete, at 1 Kraken hatch every 10days. (Approx) All if these again will create royalties for charity just like those on Cardano. This will also conclude the 8 years of Krakens at #650 instead of #710. As i burned 60 to implement this project faster. A selected group of Website Members “Lords D’ Hodl” Kraken Owners and *Limited Galleries who supported me through the years will be Whitelisted. (Get to *mint first) Anyhow I been meaning to post about this. This does NOT include future collabs of the Krakens. It dlee free me up for other Kraken series and further use of blockchain which is very Very time intensive to build the planned Artist Eco System. :)

Muchl☮️ve and have a blessed New Year!!

Until then… drops will finish out in Summer and just FYI here are few upcoming still can scoop before the end. Each of the Galleries below will be getting one of the Queens Guard Krakens of which only 7 will be made. - TN Prism - Upstate New York Puff Factory - Chicago

and has a third eye they got recently and a purple headed out to Vancouver Island BC

large POD headed to up in the PNW. Colors not decided as of yet.

7 are held for a first come first serve basis for those holding enough “Wicked” Koin. Remember Wicked will be for many use cases and glass not just Krakens. :)

*Will supply links once charge cell :)


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