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2022 Kraken Halving

Started in 2020. Each year I will be cutting production on Krakens until it gets to be making only 1/month. I believe that is 2024. Then once I reach 710 I will stop and move onto completely different Kraken ideas I want to pursue.

Until then I will be making a couple new styles from the Krakens on a Reef, on a globe to even ones like this since you voted ”yes” :)

Another purpose of my “Wicked” Koin is for voting purposes down the road when I have a traveling revolving gallery and I need insights. Holdin It will also allow you to purchase glass others cam not unless Koin Is recognized in the wallet. Including NFTs.

That is a whole other topic, just saying i follow thru with votes :)

Need a cool name for this style. If have a idea leave in comment. This will be a eyeless horned meaner version, then think of a more female version . Also leave comment and I’ll throw ya some Koin, few days left to get before whitelist.

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