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Birthday - Isle Of Mujeres


So finally took 3days off for my birthday with a buddie James who is also a Cancer. Now what do you do if everyday is a vacation because you love ur job? Well personally only way I can vacation is to leave my torch behind, otherwise I can’t go 48hrs not doing glass. Glass is Zen for me. No matter how stressful the piece is calming to sit behind the torch due to the focus required. I’d compare it to a form of meditation esc feeling during and after, in the moment with no fucks for outside distractions. So I must be extreme and get away far from my torch in order to relax without it. :)

Destination? Isle Of Mujeres. A island a hour off the coast of Cancun. A community focused around chillaxing and island vibes. Home to the second largest reef behind The Great Barrier and ahead of Key Largo. At 35 ft 15mins offshore is a underwater museum staged by the government in the name of Art. Saw it and a VW bug sculptor. :) I met a local vendor Mario who I also worked out a deal. Ill send Tentacle Pendants and he’s gonna wrap up his style of necklace for each. One day I might head there and work for a month. Haha To wrap up the 3days basically just vibed out in water and unfortunately had to deal with my poor assistant who was hospital bound the day I left of course. Goodvibes her way! Here’s a couple random pics. Oh and stayed at a hotel on a island off the island which is by far the best service for any hotel anywhere in the world I been. A gem!!!

Next up: Mikes Glass Gallery in La Quinta, Coachella Desert. :)

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