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Blog I Jan 2024 I Days 3911-3942

Updated: Feb 1

Jan 30th Tentacle Tuesday. Will be stoking some of the Galleries with some Tentacle Spoons by request. 1 such lil spoon is for a giveaway in the member only tab. Finally had a sec to make lil some some for those supporting.

My giveaways will never stop under any circumstances. I been doing it since i started glass way before social to do it for. For years i gave away with no expectation of anything in return. I love the feeling of someone appreciating.

On that note though. Only members are eligible for these giveaways. Reason #1? Hundreds of pieces been given away never to see the person again. Being a member brings those who own my glass together. Even more so if they claim they never received. I would not know and if its free not my priority over paid orders. That does not mean i do not wish for the couple that go missing do not make it safely home, but if a member i can add that note to profile. I built my member program for this reason. A $5 one time flat fee to join costs me more to spend the time then $5 received. $5 is only so if to make sure not and waste my time in the future with those passerbys. $5 you get back as well when joining to try and scoop something. Rather dedicate my time to true supporting amigos.:) Soooooo there are other tiers but that is for seriously interested Kraken inquires or those trying to stay up to speed on upcoming NFT projects. Gold and Silver members get first heads up. Kraken Owners are already Gold Members. I feel like i have to say this once a month.

All members prior to paypal closing my account are grandfathered in.

Soooooo on that other note. Giveaway in the members tab. :)

Jan 27th Only reason most of us are late for work. Lily needed some extra love on caturday. Not feeling the cold. Usually cats are my alarm, but with no sun they be sleeping in with me waking their asses up finally. :) Friends with pets can relate.

Jan 24th Ill be picking a winner and leave FB and IG giveaways for next Tuesday. Sorry i didn't pick winner yesterday for members in member thread. I had a lil slip on black ice 🧊 haha. All good be back on torch tomorrow.

Kraken 436 99.9 Silver Fume

Stop reading and check Galleries for amazing glass. (Short non sponsored plug)

A memnber upgraded to a color Kraken so for the first time in nearly 2 years a hatched Kraken is available. If interested please join the POD and DM me as a member, before i post to social. $5 flat fee to join for basic membership.

I have to remind those that try to be a member without subscription, it will not be approved until subscribed from link above.

If you randomly found me and you are a shop, same applys.

Jan 21 Picked dates for MN meetup on Feb 11th and WI Mar 2nd. Flyer go up soon with info on


Jan 20 Not at Skoolie in AZ, but girls finally appreciated day of no negative temps. Last 10days no bueno. Not sure how these vanlife people say they live in Alaska and keep their batteries charged. :)🙏

Jan 19 MN & WI and then PA, NJ meetups soon. Just got confirmation they believe the Dichro machine be ready Tuesday. Reason this effect meetups is i am dropping off Dichro Krakens at these meetups for awesome owners of the Galleries. I'm just planning meetups around that since i do not frequent the snow areas. I am usually South for winter. :)

Speaking of South Glass 2 Grass Demo | Popup is confirmed Mar 16th & 17th. Wether i can get Woodie out of here or not will not interfere. I will fly in that case as a plan B.

I've had to message a few that with a insane never felt before deep freeze 🥶 roads are too icy to drive. Tuesday or Wed it looks like i can get to postal. 🙏

Jan 18 Had a meeting with my Regional Affiliates on what is going to be soon available and logistics of how someone can plan adopting a Kraken.

The reason i needed to sort this is because using a code will save you 20% off glass. No longer will you need to be a paid member of the website to adopt glass. Although being a paid Kraken Krew member pays off if seriously looking to scoop. Members see it first when becomes available. In other words you can not buy glass if you are not a member, nor do not have a access code or QR code from an Affiliate.

The only other option to scoop is through a Gallery that has existing inventory of glass. This may not be beneficial to me directly because my Affiliates earn a % and buyers 20% off, but it does make it more friend of a friend community.

For the first time in years i'll have dedicated time for available glass. So it pays if seriously try and scoop. $3 or $9 pays off ten fold with what you save in discount. I just want to know where my glass is headed and love to see members join in on planned projects. That goes for any of the 5 NFT projects i been waiting to launch.

Jan 17 The highly anticipated last batch of Dichro Krakens i been waiting so long for is hopefully coming to a end. Someone from AZ will be making a trip to LA to help fix the monster chamber, that creates the museum quality glass art upgrade. Many do not understand that pieces of mine go through several cycles and so some are half or 1/3rd done. The complexity of the NASA built machine is beyond my explanation, just know you can't just call someone to fix. Bright side is once finished my collectors will have priceless pieces. :)

Below my amigo Miguel works on it yet again. Machine is fragile, yet creates anti gravity.

Jan 16 Happy Tentacle Tuesday from i think the coldest place on the planet at moment. Kitties went into survival mode to get Woodie shelter and heat. It was too cold to even blowglass yesterday. That has never happened! :)

Following the snow storm the area has been in a deep freeze with highs of 1 and -20. Good thing is i got some website revamped so when new arriving orders come they will know where tp go easier. As of this month any Kraken adoptees will need to search out to a Certified Merchant listed on or know someone with a "code" .

For the first time soon, Krakens will be available. As my new business model includes no customs and can adopt without a affiliate code or Certified Merchant. To access who those affiliates are, you must become a member.

I'm reaching out to all those retail locations next couple days to plan meetups i'm looking forward to. First demo w/ sherbet of year will be my return to Florida in March at Grass2Grass. That will be posted on Plus a couple will be involved in receiving the first of Ai Krakens. A project i created and finally able to get to. 450 of my previous Kraken traits will be mashed up in code to randomly generate what the next Kraken i make looks like. Then a NFT image will accompany it. So stoked.

Other then that appreciation to a change in scenery that forces a bunker down and melt

🔥 One of those rare traits is a 4-Eye Kraken like one below for 6star Glass. Picture below that was a 4-Eye that a collector scooped from Shakopee. Once Ai Krakens that start with 451, only a 5% chance i make another out of 34000 possibilities. Can not wait to collab with myself through the code i did. A new element of creation. The images that will be associated is a whole other aspect and needs its own dedicated post.

Jan 14th Snowed in ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Blessed my family came to help and was totally worth seeing them for Xmas so it's all good. That said plans are to stay and melt. I would love to ask and will when i can get back on instagram, how the fuck keep batteries charged in negative degrees if don't drive? BTW new phone is in but need to drive and scoop! Look forward to catching up with friends. 💜☮️

Jan 9 Happy New Year and Tentacle Tuesday. It seems like the snow arrived earlier than expected. We had a huge storm that lasted for a week, and it's the first time in January that we've had to bunker down because of it. A trip to see family for Xmas, looks like a January destination. It's also the second time Woodie, has experienced snow.

Reflecting on the past 18 months, I've had both good and bad experiences, but even the bad ones have been very valuable learning opportunities. I'm incredibly grateful that said we are committed and stoked to move forward to new milestones. The AI Kraken Project, which I've been waiting for years, is finally on the horizon. I had to put it on hold while dealing with family emergencies and waitlist, but I appreciate everyone's patience. I am excited. To this day nobody has replicated the idea, therefore more committed to see it come to life. These future ideas are for not just me, but you and coral restoration. :)

Some updates coming this month to be elaborated on later

Ai Krakens I 2yr old project that will be launching before Spring

Ai NFT Images I Images i created based off logo. Fav pastime when no service at night

Kraken NFTs Registrations I Kraken Owners Please Contact to redeem

Dichro Krakens I Uber delays but will be well worth before going extinct

Meet ups I Working with Galleries to sort here in Midwest, & East before Summer

AVAILABLE GLASS I A topic i have not brought up for quit awhile. How glass will be

soon available via affiliate code recommendations that earn a % without

being a paid member.

Social I I will be returning to instagram once my new phone arrives and

start updating from there again. It has been good fasting from social

media, but i have missed familiar faces.:)

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Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Jan 09

No time for glass giveaway due to work schedule and a repair, but a sticker giveaway will be in member section of website. *News | Update tab

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