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Color Of The Week | 🐟Nemo

Updated: Jul 22

Color Of The Week | Nemo

Week 05



Kraken: No

Company: Northstar

Pros: Great aqua marine color that has a (light green) gem like hue. I would give it 5 stars and potential to be a Kraken, except it’s nearly impossible to construct a Kraken without releasing some of the copper in it. Leaving a reddish tint. Since it is in tentacle pendant form, it’s easier to control it. Yet still must focus to maintain high oxygen levels for a perfect gem look.

Cons: Same reason Unicorn Tears will remain for pendants and not take Kraken form. The reducing issue from copper.

On week 5, i went to my stash of color box to find a fav Northstar color. I have used Nemo on a couple of Reef Krakens to use for accents.

**As you can see there is stark contrast between the Kraken egg marble and tentacle. Like with most of my experiments of color testing by doing pendants, tentacle opacity is reduced by 50% and leave the marble at 100%. This gives me ideas on how to use.

Tentacle Pendants with same color Kraken eggs will be exclusive to weekly colors of the week. Galleries will receive w/ silver eggs.

To scoop the Tentacle Pendant of the week use link below. It will work until sold and only making

Retail: $150

Members Only: $120 link below

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