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Covid and Quarantine

After 2 years of basically avoiding people and taking every reasonable precaution i caught this shit. I canceled 7 international trips and 9 out of last 10 of drops where affected in a way not to my like. Most likely i caught from a gas pump being all complacent without thinking i have not received the vaccine yet. After 3 days in Arcata wainting and feeling like shit i thought it was from being overworked and lil sleep. No biggie! haha Waiting for a test results i attempted to seek out these so called day tests and travel tests. Both posted Negative. So i decided to move forward and just go up to work in Oregon and see some friends since my buddie Kaj Beck wasnt feeling well the day.

After arriving in Oregon i received a vaccine. Started to feel like shit so i went and took another test which resulted in a Negative response. So i just thought well fuck it ill get back on my running regime and start working. I felt like shit!!! haha Then received a message from Santa Cruz health department asking me if i needed any help with my Positive test saying i have this shit. My original test came back Positive after 5 tests of being Negative and 2 inconclusive. Their explanation is my body fought it off quick therefore posting Negative results onsite or with instant travel tests ( which took me a whole day driving around to find) Point is by 9 into feeling like shit for the first time in 10 years i was only 3 days away from taking time to Quarantine. I couldn't work as i did not be around people. If i failed to respond to some messages this is why. I had no service on the coast for 3 days and 2 days in the pics up in Blue River, Oregon. This is after both my assistants got sick, both not returning. Soooo i been responding and taking over the messages again. :)

2 Days later from these pics my Westy broke its transmission in Eureka, on my return to work and Quarantine in Santa Cruz. She finally hit 300k and it is the last thing that has ever been replaced, so it was and wasnt expected. There is never a good time for negative shit to happen... jus move forward. I cant wait for studio in SC to be done!! Finally friends can visit and watch work or just hang... not like its all that interesting to watch but maybe even give a chance to attempt a lil lesson. My schedule in SC will be appointment only as fulltime work still exists but it will be manageable. I have an extra surf board and beach cruiser! :)

Heres are some pics of Blue River, hour outside of Eugene. There is no sign so it is 2miles east of the town of Blue River. Blue River is my #6 fav camping spot. If you never been it is a must, as well as seeing the Mckenzie River that snakes along. Oregon has some of the cleanest rivers and lakes anywhere in the world, hence why so many wineries and breweries. Ill try to upload a video of the River as well later as my connection sucks right now. :).

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as well.

*Another update is my Santa Cruz meetup is delayed until Oct 16th due to being sick and van delay as it sits to get repaired in Humboldt. Flyer coming soon and have a couple new designs stoked on. :)

**For some reason i cant comment from my personal profile but on the topic of fav camping spots, whats youres??

My top 20 are

  1. Santa Cruz, West Cliff

  2. San Felipe, Mexico

  3. Grand Tetons, Wyoming

  4. Mailbu beach parking, Ca

  5. Slab City, Niland Ca

  6. Moab, secret spot on CO River Utah

  7. Blue River, OR

  8. Tofino, BC Canada

  9. Sedona, AZ

  10. Outer Banks, NC

  11. Downtown NYC haha

  12. Crystal Beach ( can park on beach), TX

  13. Yellowstone, Wyoming

  14. BLM land outside of Grand Junction, CO

  15. Downtown, Key West FL

  16. Downtown, Key Largo

  17. Downtown, Vancouver BC

  18. Olympic National Forest, WA

  19. Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

  20. Downtown New Orleans

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Stephanie E
Stephanie E
Sep 03, 2021

Sucks you got COVID after avoiding it so long, I hope you’re feeling better. I love camping in Oregon!


Sep 02, 2021

This will give me an excuse to go back to Santa Cruz for a visit.

Hope you are feeling better.


Sep 02, 2021

can't wait to visit you and your studio when it's finished!


Sep 01, 2021

Damn it brother. Get better soon! And you know damn well I’m coming for that lesson


Aug 31, 2021

Might be able to make the drop to claim my kraken! Feel better friend!!!

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