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Day 3 Quarentine

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

As rest of the country deals with more issues Florida just banned public beaches, to me that is house in place. Haha A ritual to hit the beach on break is over thanks to naive spring breakers. I thought I’d stopped posting blogging like stuff because my grammar sucks and no time, but I want to look back on this.

Hong Kong, Spannabis, 420 in WA, and demo in Ireland is canceled. Taking time out to social distance is nothing new to me and actually premise for my leaving Santa Cruz, 7yrs ago. I’m very lucky to be able to still work tho that was also planned to never be dependent on any system. My “Wicked Koin” now that is implemented can allow global travel as long as buyers are aware how to use crypto as I build a exchange for website. That too is delayed until end of the year as my Indian programmer friend in India deals with virus in his country, cuz of his family.

So I’ll be grinding next few weeks at the Atlantis bunker here in St. Pete before probably heading to Cali. Cali is on house in place so I’m glad I held out last sec to wander that direction. NYC Area is not a idea seeing those unfortunate there are dealing with it the most. :( Good vibes to my friends there until it passes. Yes it will pass and sick of hearing conspiracy theories from people who do nothing but watch YouTube and never left their state. Haha I’ve seen these wet markets in Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, and actually surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. :( Maybe a sign from Mother Earth before I believe a government cover up. :)

I will be doing some small auctions to interact with IGers to get a discount on glass as well as chit chat via my chat program Tuesdays and Thursday’s 420-7. Be kool to get to know a few of ya I never met. Time to grind. :)

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