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Day 2683 Trusty steed Westy

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

2 glass outlaws known as James n Jimi armed with Mirages “torches” , ready to light up the next town. 🔥 We decend on Bend w/ our trusty steeds via Jackson. :)

Now I don’t know how to write a Ode, but if I had to go something like this. Just got back to studio to grind but had to post something how she made The Grand Teton route. Wouldnt trade you for a Lambo, I’ll take one but not trade ya. Anyone who is a VW fan gets it. :)

0 - 60 eventually

You may have rust and dings

Hard to describe the happiness you bring

May be broken down in oddless towns

Passing time without a frown

Loneliness doesn’t even go there

Passed out under the stars

Countless highways coast to coast

The Keys to Grand Tetons

All we been thru

I know I can count on you girl :)

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