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Day 7 Safer at home with quarantine cat Nala

Caturday shout to my sidekick Nala. 8yrs old she seems like a kitten still as far as energy. Haha On the road most her life I got her after purchasing a art loft in Emeryville, Oakland. After loosing it to the bank because I bought at the worst time and realizing it was a bad area.. we moved back to Santa Cruz. From big warehouse space to 1 bedroom in the beach, we left 10months later to hit the road with 1/4 that space. Haha She has been through alot as we have been to every state but Maine and Alaska. From hiking martian mountains in Utah to playing in the cold ass Colorado river, to roaming every desert from So cal to New Mexico. I have more memories with this cat then any ex or family member. Haha Given the fact she has had a million opportunities to bounce she still won’t leave bed at nite. Might post another cur pic from the Atlantis bunker on break as she awaits the closures of travel to release. I claim to love solitary travel but in reality between my cats and IG I’ve never been alone. Haha

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