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Day # I have no idea

I’ve been in Florida aside from flying in and out for almost 14 months. Rehabilitation on my back from a car accident and then corona break out added another 4months. Haha Then my tags added another 2monthd during which I was un able to drive my van even if I could. Then unexpectedly a IG buddie who owns a smog shop in LA pulled strings to sort that but I hooked him up with a Kraken for the gesture. So I’m ready to go!!! Nope! I met a diving buddie In Key Largo last year who is a dental surgeon that I decided to ask and fix my busted part of my mouth. Another issue from a mountain bike accident 2yrs, I said fuck it might as well do before I leave for the summer, he saved me 5000 of 10k on the operation. Bless!! Didn’t think about the stitches that would hold me here for another 2 weeks and a following checkup. Haha So I’m looking at almost a year and half before I leave here and see my studio in Santa cruz. I guess what I’m saying is I’m very thankful to friends I’ve met online from collectors and tho willing to help. I’ve said over and over I couldn’t do this without a iPhone and online friends. My real friends for most part are not even up to speed on wtf I’m doing. I also always said to make fulltime travel sustainable you must be patient and go with the flow. I don’t like to complain on IG or whatever but my own homepage so I can look back is different. I’m just excited to return to my tiny home on wheels soon. Looks like June 14th departure. :)

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May 31, 2020

Love ya brother!

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