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Dichro Krakens

These Krakens of the blockchain are the top of the Tier collectables. Currently 9 in existence but 4 met a fatel death last winter thanks to fedex enroute to a Xmas drop for 52nd Glass Gallery. This one was hatched for Lilis Glass Gallery and adopted by Joe. The next 4 are sold (Henry, Preston, Nick ) and awaiting their final unique coatings. I’ve been blessed to work with Dichroic Glass to use a custom pallete of layers for each. The process requires technology developed by Nasa to create a anti gravity chamber, exposing a laser to layer precious metals. Doesn’t get more techy. Art vs Science. Next year 1 a month will hatch as the standard ones will decrease in production by half. So until then->

Next available are for

Greenhouse Gallery

101 Glass Gallery

52nd Glass Gallery

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