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Dichro Krakens and Tentacle pendants FAQ

Morning from Ventura!!

They will both be available this summer, none available through me though. Dichro Krakens will be available at a couple up coming drops and Tentacle Pendants dispersed to a variety of Galleries. I might have a couple for auction for that refuse to use 3rd party. :) Soooo I hope everyone is staying safe. What a fucking crazy week. Haha The corona hotspots literally followed me across the country all week, changing my plans daily. Safe to say I officially said fuck it, wandering back on to SC to regroup. Met with my friend Miguel yesterday to organize a year long roll out of Dichro Krakens (approx 1 month, each diff shade). We discussed a Mexico meetup in the tropics of Guadalajara for a lil demo and in conjunction with a new Gallery opening in Mexico City. :) Expand the glass scene!! ;)

After working 2hrs yesterday I was notified 9000 new cases hit the area of LA the past 2 days, so I said peace out! I will return in a couple weeks but I organized the Krakens that will first see the chamber of Dichro!!! The machine was built by NASA so the idiots who think I spray paint could you know what. Haha Henry , Leah and a couple for a drop at Big Als will be first to hatch. To explain the process would be to in-depth for a quick shout but just let’s say I do not markup my prices to reflect the complexity. I’m very blessed to have access and so j pass it on. 4 layered

Dichro krakens should be 10k and pendants whatever but ya. Haha

Anyhow on my return to LA in next couple weeks ill go more into the process. I posted a pic of the beast I took before my quick exit.

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Carmen Avila
Carmen Avila
Jun 28, 2020


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