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Exercise on the road

After 2yrs of rehabilitation of the back when I was in a car wreck with drunk driver, finally can do intense workouts. Time to loose that comfort food 20 I gained!!! Sad to say considering that is a first world problem. Day 4 of daily exercise challenge of exercise of any kind but everyday!! I’ll count yoga days easy day, but technically hardest because my ass has to focus. I thank my glassblowing buddie James who introduced me to yoga and contribute it to my back strengthening. Hella years later of ignoring gfs I finally do it. If I wanna continue vanlife let’s just say I have no choice. Im shipping my van next Spring to Europe so need to be in top shape because of all the shit I wanna do. Anyone of my members sees this and wants to do challenge I’ll give ya a pendant if ya meet your goal as well. Today is yoga stretch then run with mi amigo Kevin on some lake before off to hatch Johns’ Kraken !! :)

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