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🌸🎡🔱 Festi Kraken

What is the Festi Kraken? Well just a fun piece to incorporate something different as I approach the last of the Krakens. After #450, the last “200” are created by a algorithm which I will copy.

I will make 3 following each Festival this year. Made on the fly idea, like life…. “Iiii just don’t know where I’m going, because I‘ve never been.” :)


Lightning In A Bottle


I will do whatever randomly comes to mind and or unless inspired by. At Okeechobee I went to do a $Wicked Koin | Mini drop but no service interrupted so I created after I returned to St. Pete.

I took the color scheme from a art installation in the Aqua Chobee area of the festival. Red, Teal, Yellow, Pink and I added the white and black.

Some see festivals as a place to go get fucked up, but overlook the art aspect. I’m not 20 anymore so I go for the artists wether it’s music or random art. Plus I’m starting a art exchange for WAG, sooo I’m recruiting on 2022 as well. :)

This Kraken will be available thru

Fest Kraken

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