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Dichro experiment hot off the torch!! Been on this kick to try a diff technique a month, even tho I’m in no rush to push anything. Setting new glass goals that will roll into the new year. Some think vanlife is about dropping out into lazy abyss or just to start a YouTube which is great if ya like video editing. Its essential and sustainable to set some continuous goals that mature eventually. Haha It is way too easy to just roam around in the van chillen making it, I could do that indefinitely! That would be mad boring. I stay busy as f even when I spent months in the desert exploring or on the torch. Even being a glassaholic I have a ton of other ideas going on.

In 2021 I’m starting my side hustle of blockchain services (WAG Wicked Art Group) for blockchaining my pieces and soon others. Kraken Foundation will be in charge of royalties given to charity derived from Krakens. Vanlife channels don’t talk much about what direction their vanlife is headed? Most quit after 1-4yrs. Lifes like chess, dont need to know your exact moves but a fundamental strategy is always good. Yes I preach avoiding a system that ties you down to their own agenda, keeping you in debt... buuut don’t drop out aimlessly. Yes some message me saying just that. I’m like fuck no, unless you want to live in slab city forever. haha Goals all day in 2021. Im trying to up the vanlife ante by circling the globe spreading unleashing art from the road with the mission to raise $ for charity. Anyhow those two side-projects above + glass projects + investing as much into Beyond Meat as I can are my goais. This is mostly for the newbies who asked that wanted to blow glass on the road, want to inspire ya to full send, vanlife isn’t just about siesta! haha

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