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What’s Kraken?! Lil tour update and thoughts.

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Good morning ya’all. Had a few mins check DMs and wrote a lil note as Oxygen tank gets filled. Here’s a throwback to April 20th, 2013 when I left Santa Cruz to explore the ambiguous. No plan B, C or D because didn’t want to deter any ideas I would come up with on the fly. A map logging the tens of thousands of miles and 13 countries since. Why do I try to stay inconspicuous? No I’m not shy haha, anyone who knows me in person knows this. I just like the Krakens to symbolize a ideology or way of thought to do what you love. Travel is just my love, but the idea is just do you. Step over imaginary lines that society draw to keep ya enclosed in the system. Krakens represent nomadic behavior and a art form which thru it’s blockchain code give back to the ocean. A circle. Glass from sand gives back to the coral which sand comes. As my winter stay in St. Pete gets closer to ending I look forward to seeing new faces and meet new ig buddies from everywhere, if this covid doesn’t ruin it like 2020. haha I do have plan B and C so I don’t fall behind in work this time tho. Haha Anyhow here is also a Krystal Kraken which will morph into a kraken holding the world (idea I’ve had for 4years) after the next couple of these. This one will be for the 🐙 drop at prior to heading West.

My tentative schedule

March Santa Cruz (SC studio build)

Apr Santa Cruz / Florida

May Florida / Ireland / Germany (Roor)

June Germany / Italy (Drops)

July 710 Santa Cruz Gathering

Aug Live glassblowing in a couple crazy locations

Sept Australia

Oct / Nov Santa Cruz

Dec Back to St. Pete :)

If anyone randomly sees this and wants to link for free tee or hatpin or other giveaway,the drops are on the itinerary tab. You can RSVP. Gonna add the Roor and Italy drops right now.

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