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Good morning from the office

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Today Im asking a few questions on iG having coffee before work. 1 was a idea where i will go *live on 420. A virtual sesh for anyone who scoops a 14mm limited WG Tube. They then can join a virtual sesh fir April 20th, but live for everyone to see if makes sense using zoom or something similiar. This will be incorporated with my drop on 420 for those who can’t make the treck. My buddie Evol will be helping me kick off the idea and super thankful since my schedule is pretty damn tight. It is only a small run until after Europe.

Members will get first dibs and I’m trying to sort the color options. :) Prototype I posted on IG. Um what else? Next 2 weeks I will be moving blockchains for wicked koins as well. Very excited to do something I wanted to do, but technology wasn’t there until Mary hardforck off Cardano. It wil allow non kraken owners to hold digital koins.

I then can issue for awesome comments, help, and maybe fir hose who bid on pieces etc... which can then go towards glass purchase. :)

*Sorry for typos

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