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Hammock life

So I went for bike ride to get this mornings smoothie. Saw tons of hammocks of those hitting the downtown St. Pete area at Vinoy Park. Amazing lil beach area meets high rise buildings full of beach goers enjoying first day of opening here. Thought to myself I will pull mine i bought from Electric Forest 2yrs who, but where? Fuck it I did it in the backyard of Atlantis studio. In denial as f I’m not on the road. haha Smoked a bowl on break and enjoyed that 10mins of downtime before quickly attacked by mosquitoe!!! During that time tho I saw 2 friends post pics of back home. One in particular described Great Whites invading the beaches via drone footage. Since the lockdown their reclaiming what is rightfully theirs but I’m scared as f of sharks. Hence why almost died last Sept diving in Australia. Soooo it made me rethink of my desire to return back to SC, after 7yrs actually start working on my studio there. Fucking stonEd but don’t care if I miss spell but even now I feel lost what to do next. Haha Almost feel like the world is too small. Anyhow time to focus on all the amazing people who want some Krakens and worry about my shit later. Until then I enjoyed my hammock. Took a pic with that cartoon filter again!! Will be posting where next drops will be with a couple available 🐙 this summer tomorrow on topic of work and randomly see this.

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