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Happy New Years to wicked fam!! :)

It’s been a struggle this year with keeping contact with members, IGers,FB, shit even family if I break my phone or due to covid. I’ve hired an assistant I’m slowly incorporating into checking my Instagram accounts, FB and soon here. Messages will be checked every 24hrs and if urgent I will be contacted if notes are not applied to members profiles. I will have different badges assigned to members according to level of involvement and lil giveaways again. ;)

As of this month I’ll be doing Tentacle Tuesday drops on the shop page of varies items, ONLY paid members can scoop with their 20% off. It will be a different color each week. Members also are included along any giveaway I do on IG without even having to enter, same for ones on here.

Krakens.. are now in the halving phase and as if I wasn’t back ordered for years already I’m reducing production. (read prior post) You ONLY can scoop from drops, BUT members see them first. :) The 20% off towards Krakens in theory exists but the waitlist extends into March 2022, so must scoop from a Gallery.

I’m excited to also roll out few designs aimed at the lower end price range I have worked out with a couple very amazing glassblowers (better then me) haha to help produce. 100-500 price point and will be offered in the shop by Feb after I deliver Dan Blizerians Dichro Kraken.

Umm also Ireland Demo Competition is still on the radar in May!!

710 Gathering in Santa Cruz !! All this be updated and reminded from my assistant. Just random at the Cafe reaching out as destroy the cup of coffee and say Happy New Years with a update. ;)

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Jan 03, 2021

With these two posts you've basically answered my questions.

Happy New Year!!

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