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🐱 Happy Caturday | Life update

What’s Kraken? Dropping a quick post of thoughts from WI before passing out for the nite.

I Returned again to the Midwest for the second Summer in a row, instead of the West Coast. I wanted to see some things which got cut short last year due to injury.

The last few weeks i haven't had much time to jump online to just chat,

So wanted to squueze in a message what the cats n i been up to, besides glass. I hope everyone is having a awesome summer so far.

Glass consumes 90% of my waking time currently, my other 10% is with Nala N Lily!! 🐱4 or 5 breaks a day to let them out of Woodie for a walk or chill. Which basically is my free time. On that note happy caturday for all you feline parents. :)

I will be more active on IG once the bulk of last dozen Krakens are complete or prepped (complete 75%+) So i can finally focus much excited Ai Krakens, Proxy’s, and Baby Krakens. I have a Kraken Cookout/Woodie meetup schedule in the works as well. I would like to implement come this Fall. Maine, PA, Nj, NC then FL before heading West.

So i been working overtime to minimize time off the torch, Less IG. Finding ways to make postal trips from the farms or elsewhere not take a hour to ship a pendant.

Finding ways to spend time talking to members, but not sidetrack me too far off topic from focused work.

As much as i love to talk to everyone, i’m running thin between helping

⁃ prior owners, to fix pieces

⁃ current hatching owners

⁃ dialogue with upcoming Affiliates.

Very Important, if i miss a message please book a time slot in “booking” tab of menu! It alerts my calendar even on hours i don’t go on phone. I do have adhd and I’ll be honest I’m not perfect and forget. I’m very thankful for everyone and never want to have anyone thinking otherwise. I make pieces that are symbolic of my life’s “time”.

Tonight I’m writing this as watch lil Rv with cats after throwing some hay in return for an outpost on farm. A different farm then stayed last. I’ll be staying at my sisters farm like I did last July - Aug. Ever throw hay? I never did until today. 150 of them at 50lbs each. Exhausting. Never made a return to the torch tonight. I’m working on member Payton’s Kraken and do not want to risk not being on point. So I’m doing an early dawn patrol. For someone who grew up in Cali, farm life is so in contrast it makes it interestingly fun for being so different. So I’ll be on this new homestead until mid Aug then a demo in Michigan (TBA) & Ireland if and “only” if I’m at a manageable workload just in case something happens. :) Well I’m crashing and I’ll leave this more as a general update.

Hella dark and hard to type so crashing. Like i said i have not had much time to see how everyone else has been... so wanted to say hi if randomly come across this. :)

Added some random pics and vid from today seeing my sisters horse 🐴


The kids

Peeky Blinders i'm like yrs late watching first season as i write this.

Back in WI

Joker & friends, my lil sisters horse

Shameless Wicked Tee Pic.. if want they are in the T- Shirt tab. Amazon gets them to ya in 2days and only $20!! Shit is half of cost i had to charge for 8color logo. :)

Sneak at Payton's Kraken! Went with bright contrast for Dragon 🐉 Tears. His had x 3 Kraken Eggs

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תגובה אחת

16 ביולי 2023

That is so much hay! No wonder you were exhausted. Love to see the kitties! Getting updates and pics is my favorite part of being here! 😻😻😻

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