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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Wicked Crew!! I’m working out where I’ll post up to grind next few days. The last 3studios where situated within virus hotspots so I opted to go to the next. At this point I’m doing only essential work in LA before heading to Santa Cruz to my own personal studio, cutting out interactive studios. I will be in contact with you on this list over the next two weeks as 🐙 hatch. My biggest concern is not getting sick. I have been back ordered about a year for almost 4 years and finally have it down to 7months, so taking every precaution to not have a big issue. Obviously corona and blowing glass wouldn’t work haha. I tried to copy and paste a message but didn’t work. I hope some of you see this but either way I’ll be in contact.

I did ship color to previous studios on a couple occasions due to no room in van but I’ll sort that as well.

I’ll edit my homepage thru my phone so code issues now and then. Anyhow future I’ll have a private forum for questions from ya’all. IG is like Facebook so I’m slowing moving towards having my own thing on here. You all stay safe. :)

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