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Instagram down so let’s update here. :)


Instagram is down! Have no fear Zuck will figure it out but just another reason I have my homepage, so I never have to depend on them. Haha Anyhow.. What’s kraken?! I love Mondays cuz I force myself to feel like I gotta even work harder. :) So a lil update.

🐙 Drops: Will add some Galleries who have a nice selection of either Krakens, Travelers, Puffco attachments or pendants once IG reloads so I can copy their pages for a link. If want to do own research until then.

- Medi Heady, Victoria Island BC

- Australian Drop

- Wake N B, Italy

- Smokeshopboys, Chicago

- Vapour, Chicago

- Puff CO, Chicago

- Prism, Michigan

- Secret Drop for friends new Gallery on beach in NJ

Sidenote: The krakens available at these fine friends Galleties are the only ones available until end of the year. I will only focus on Krypto Kraken in Dec. Please hit them up or if have a questions just leave a comment, I’ll answer. Muchl☮️ve

🐙 Drop: Santa Cruz (TBA) Still waiting word on transmission repair for Westy. Finally found one in Colorado by str8 luck. I will be flying back from Florida to drive to SC and sort drop once I get word shes fixed. I hope Nov 6th for a meetup|drop fir first time in SC, but will be hatching some prior. I’ve reached out to a few of ya. This is mostly for friends that I unfortunately have to keep postponing on. ;(

Currently trying to sort a tentative schedule for remainder of winter into next year with the woodie. Over the last 10yrs I’ve seen vanlife and Rv life explode. The days of spontaneous arrivals to a campsite are gone especially in a big bus or RV, hence I started using Westy again. Last year 60% increase that doesn’t account for vanlifers. Haha How many RV parks? State parks? Not many!!!! Boondocking a big ass busy takes planning so I’ll have a schedule here soon.

WICKED Koin: It is being given out weekly on Tuesdays and airdropped randomly to “yoroi” wallet Koin holders to give lil extra love. :) It still is not available to buy only gifted. Open to public after Glass Vegas in Feb 2022. It will be available in Dec for those wanting to participate in the launch of my revolving gallery idea, with the Krypto Kraken being the first of 20.

If you do not have a “Yoroi” wallet please download in App Store (Shelley) Edition. Drop comment in member forum to receive ya $20 *limited first 710 wallets. :)

Kraken Trading Cards: These are on hold for drops but a few are being airdropped to random wallets. Tuesday will have 1 available to buy which is #1 of 1 , 20 copies will be saved or airdropped. :)

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