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Kraken Queen Tees I Available

Amazon upgraded me to a different tear so i can have more available as i wait for my revised logo. My logo will look similiar in its style just minus the Santa Cruz, with the addition of more facial features like Thala. Jimbo in my last logo made her look not so happy and love it but not representative, because it takes alot for me to get pissed off. haha

So the tees i waited until more options were up but i basically uploaded so i can buy and wear on Tentacle Tuesdays. Story is a featured thread in this blog

Like i said just talking more about it because it incoporates a couple styles ill make out of glass at end of the Year. :)

If made this far... a pendant giveaway is going on IG and Glass 2 Grass will pick the winner.

Posted this for a few of ya that were interested. Again the printing is amazing that gets all the color and the tee itself.. of course my lil design. haha Muchlove and tag me if get one for Tuesdays.

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