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Krypto Kraken

To: Galleries and members

Krypto Kraken #300

First and foremost I’d like to say thanks for the support from each of ya, this is a copy paste message to 10+ Galleries who have or will be on future Pod drops or members who interested but don’t have a Gallery.

Due to the recent price surge in the bitcoin price, I have to address this project now. I’ve it had on the burner for almost a year because my work schedule hasn’t allowed it to hatch. Haha

Basically I’m creating a functional Kraken that will have fractional ownership. It is the first functional glass artwork using blockchain technology (With my “Wicked Koin”. Think of it as a shared stock in a company) which digitally certifies it. The process of tokenisation involves the fragmentation of the asset (The Kraken) into several segments called tokens. Why it’s called a token I will not explain here. It will be the first of many I plan to have traveling on rotation as part of my art group. A future gig I will expand on as I cut production of Krakens over next 2 years. It will incorporate art that travels from Gallery to Gallery for Art Purposes only.


I will get the artwork valued, certified, and insured at the spot price of 1 bitcoin. I personally will save my portion to deal with costs of logistics to ship from Gallery to Gallery within its own crate. Think of it as kind of a marketing campaign aside of the blockchain tech behind it. Heck I can charge companies now 100-200 just for a post because of social reach within 420 demographic.

What is the end result of this? Long term I hope to expose functional art to the art industry who embraces the technology. (it will happen) As an investment hopefully someone will buy your share at profit, if and when the time comes. Rest assured I’ll never sell my portion, ever! Haha Bitcoin has just moved from 9k to 11.5k and I believe it will move faster then I previously thought. Meaning I must hatch The Krypto Kraken by the end of the year before it breaches 20k. That would include more koin holders.

So as of today to participate would require $1000 + 400 for exchange and curator fees (I must take time to do that besides make it) .You would receive a Tentacle Traveler in the same color scheme and a “Wicked Koin” which is technically is worth 2k. I’m approaching this as a initial offering. I will ask 2k from anyone else. This offer is good unless Bitcoin surpasses 12k anytime soon, in which will be updated. I’m writing this fast as I haven’t had time to write the proposal but bitcoin is mooning so must get out there.

Any questions just ask as this is no rush but letting it be known I must solve soon and get feedback who is seriously interested. Muchlove and staying safe. :)

  • jimi. Aka WG - Homepage - Future charity nonprofit glass proceeds go to. - Future artgroup.

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Jul 28, 2020

Count me in


Jake McCurrie
Jake McCurrie
Jul 28, 2020

How do we sign up to be potentially picked out of the many?

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