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Krypto Kraken is now on Cardano

After 2 years finally minted on Cardano. 710 Shares aka as NFTs. After I distribute % to previous owners then burn the others on ETH I will open up giving away 10 and selling 20 to website members alone. When I first minted it was a the price of 1 bitcoin in Dec 2019 at $8000. Back then I made a Kraken Koin on Waves with 710 coins to represent the shares of ownership. “Kraken“ the exchange forced “burned” it. so I minted on Eth. Now it is at $46000 and I haven’t even made it yet due to orders.

It was and still is to my knowledge the first multiple ownership NFT for art purposes, yet alone glass. To say this I reached out to blockchain experts of the time and had no idea wtf the idea was about, let alone no glass art on chain. :) Once hatched in Nov I will bring it in Dec to Art Basil in Miami, showcasing functional glass art but more importantly blockchain attributes. It will be part of glass art and blockchain art history. Haha yes I said that. :)

When hatched I will airdrop 5 shares to random “wicked” Koin holders and 5 to random “kraken” owners to be apart of it. 20 shares will be sold at spot price of bitcoin that day. Fun project. It will be the first glass piece of 20 in a traveling glass gallery, all wrapped up in multi ownership. :)

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