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Krystal Krakens and Bongtacles

Krystal Krakens and Bongtacles

Joking on the bongtacles but here is a size reference in comparison to a Standard Kraken. Armed with a 3-hole bowl and diffuser and created for a huge demand from ya’all.

The first 5 for Xmas was offered to What’s Kraken Members first and sold. There after starting Jan there will be one included in each monthly POD drop. The idea might have taken a couple years to implement but finally, might even make a bigger size down the road. Wanted to stay clear of just normal water pipe design so it’s basically a large Tentacle Traveler. Anyhow taking time to post a message as I sit dealing with shop getting flooded from Hurricane ETA. Haha

2021 there will be also 3 other designs I’m stoked to show ya and release as Krakens start their halving.

What is halving? Each year starting Jan I will hatch half as many as the year prior, creating less and less until 1 a month is reached. Due to blockchain ideas and furthering my glass into other series of Krakens it will allow the time needed. Blockchaining my glass is a fulltime job so I’ll need extra time to help others do the same. That’s another story. :)

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I love the 3 hole bowls! Wished i have the chance to get one bongtacles this december as my birthday present :p

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