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Lessons and what torch to start?

I mentioned about lessons and then was asked several questions. I will offer insights and a lil lesson if time permits at a gathering or meetup. These are best if I’m at a studio more so then the rig but ill leave open. I got the follow up question alot as well.

Q: How do I get into glassblowing?

A: I suggest finding a local glassblower to befriend and ask for private lessons. It will NOT be picked up easy to do alone I don’t care how talented ya are. It is also NOT safe unless ya know what ya doing. Flames can reach 3000 degrees. :)

Q: What intro torch?

A: This I didn’t have a answer for until lastnight. This Bobcat I bought because I was tired of waiting for my torch to arrive in the mail (Cant bring onto plane). I was surprised how good it was and highly recommend. I think it’s built for bead work but fuck it whatever works. :) Only like $275 vs 3k

Attached some videos and what I was working on. I will finish cotton candy Kraken for the fun of it using the Bobcat and post a pic. I added what it looks like until I edit this with the actual finished piece.

Q: Why I call them cotton candy? Inspired by the Boardwalk here and only make these in Santa Cruz. :)

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