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Lost my awesome supporter

Pic my sis sent. My mom and my old ass in black n white as jus a baby. Other pic is a 70s hippie pic of my Uncle & Ma. She was awesome, like all you moms are!! Much respect. Miss her already.

This morning i got word nobody had heard from my mom, she likes to hide in the Mountains of Tahoe. She had became my closest friend in the last few months outside of just mom duty.  We both got closer going through countless calls regarding my uncle aka her brother battling cancer for almost the last 8months. My uncle is a trooper.

The story is sad though. I called the Sheriff and they sent a deputy to check on her today. After keeping me waiting all day only to deliver the worst of news. My mom had passed and was sick with pneumonia without telling me. Their investigation is on, but regardless she’s gone. I can give a fuck why as long as she hopefully was able to move on in her sleep. I normally would not share the story except i must explain absence to who might have outstanding orders.

I had just finally got to the point of orders being manageable, so i confirmed some meetup dates. For the most part everything fundamentally is the same i must just do duties that were unexpected.

Over the next 2 weeks i must do stuff on behalf of my mom. My awesome sister will fly to meet me in 2weeks. I will work as i traverse that direction, but will NOT be online. I will be back in a few days. In 2 weeks i’ll be taking a full week off glass to help logistics of her pets and belongings. She would joke, just feed me to the fish in Tahoe Lake. We will ... but i’ll make 3 glass urns for my brother and sister. She was stubborn but would understand .

Thanks for your understanding and patience. I am very exciting about the last of these Kraken orders before moving onto all cool shit i wanna make. Like i said this week i am working enroute to Cali, just NOT online. Then 2 weeks forced time off to do duties outside my control. If you thought your piece was gonna be cool just wait to see what i do for your patience.

This is unforeseen and never good timing period for this situation. I can handle anything and never get depressed, but this is literally the worst i felt ever. So please understand. ❤️

Posting this for everyone to see in a blog. Just in case they feel ignored. I do not have time prioritize messages everyone as implement my packing up to head Cali way. I will notify Alex at Wickedglassstudios and she can take messages for me. I will slowly also let some here and there know as days pass.

Remember to always tell yours closest to you how amazing they are. I appreciate everyone wether you bought a pendant, reposted my glass, wore a teeshirt, bought a 5k piece. This goes for shops and anyone who asked for my glsss in one.

Muchlove ❤️

*Sorry for bad grammar, writing quickly and want off my phone.

**Will post a video in News thread with a waitlist description.

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