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Morning !!!

Random post to say hi and give a update. Sooooooo as you know I been super busy with the fundamental structure and code of the blockchain, for The Kraken Foundation. As mentioned I’m creating a group of Artists WAG, to join me in the quest that essentially kickstart the Founeat ions protocol.

Aside from that I’ve over commited to a bunch of repairs on top of full time work so it’s been fun to say the least. Lil time to take Wicked Woodie out for a spin from the studio. I am still doing a 420 drop and 2 drops prior to leaving FL. LIB FESTIVAL I will pass on because I was invited to demo at DFO last minute in Portland 3 days prior. No time to drive nor want to hustle to So Cal after that. Haha

Anyhow the last 2 days I had the electrical done to compensate for extra kiln from the bus so I can double time it next 60days. Repairs and prep in one and Krakens other. :) Today have Salty x Big Z x Me Kraken hatching and Sunrise Seirēn Guard that will head to a Pod Drop for Xhale Glass Gallery in WA. I posted to trail run for the color with a Tentacle Traveler this morning on IG. They ordered 3 Pods last year and will have a great assortment soon. :)

Weather is beautiful here in St. Pete and enjoying it before monsoon season forces me 2 pull anchor for departure. Posted 3 pics of my two happy places. My bus and my torch area where glass 🐙 hatches. ;)

1. Anyone going to DFO? 2. Anyone live in Minnesota?

3. Anyone in St. Pete is invited to 2nd Saturday Art Call :)

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