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Updated: Jan 1, 2023

What's Kraken from the Lake. Dropping a note to update i currently have no reception except for a couple bars 45miles away. At this moment i am working on Krakens (not in sequence) just working so please be patient. Due to work enviroments (weather payterns), unforseen hiccups (glass supply) members upgrades to Krakens (changing of colors) etc Krakens are hatching but delayed depending on number.

Ive missed a color scoop and is being reshipped due to extreme heat last week. 4 of last 6 days were interrupted due to intrigued bystanders, forcing to migrate to another location. Not a thing to complain about or a bother, just not conducive to work. I love a good convo so by no means a issue. Between blowing glass and the cats every damn person in a RV or campground wants to chit chat. With a rise in RVers topped with Summer vactioners, its been difficult. Ive seen insane mad RV activity since covid, leaving it virtually impossible to spontaniously move about if campground is unfavorable to work. Some resent RV stats on that note.

65% increase in RV since 2020

13000 campgrounds

1600 state parks

11 million rvers

Unless on outskirts of town or hills have eyes trailer park, everythung is booked months - year advance. Haha

Therefore to ensure a productive work schedule ive cancelled 4 reservstions at upcoming parks to off grid grind. It takes more resources but leaves room to stay on torch.

Ive had to push on further down the parh but route has changed to back track at a later date.

Lily and i had a in dephth convo regarding last 41 Krakens and there future homes.

"200" drop has been postponed to November and due to Market sentiment, might be good to talk less about crypto. That said WICKED and WG and WAG still will full steam forward, its all about providence and holding strong among those who are clueless of the tech. :)

Anyhow im looking into satellite wifi for future if this will be a recurring issue but as of now im off grid to concentrate soley on work. July 9th and 10th will be in MI with Shakopee for glass festival. Other then that keep ya updated. Leave comment if randomly see and i or Lily will reply soon as possible. I hope everyone is having a rad Summer!!! :)

  • Krates go out friday (finally found appropriate boxes

  • Stickers

  • Outstanding pendants

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Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Jun 29, 2022

Even had to leave my lovely assistant Lily behind so it is not by choice to move off grid for a week or so. I will be sporadically using bike to find signals to stay updated or just say hi randomly of course.

Replying to

Yeah guys he had to leave me behind! 😢😢 Guess I’ll be stuck in boring New Jersey until the Woodie rolls up again 😉

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