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Opal Krakens

#Flashbackfriday to Opal Kraken 1 of 6 which I believe had 202 opals including the huge 10mm. Until proven wrong, they are are adorned with more opals then any other functional glass or heck glass in general. It was a 1 year long phase like the upcoming Dichro series. it’s weird I see some artists stress getting on the latest hype fad but I’m super comfortable just snail pace thru a list of ideas. I make It to stand the test of time more so then tomorrow. Hence the digital certification process I’m doing with blockchain and tokenization. ( #wickedkoin ) Currently all that is on a hold until I move to the Cardano Shelly mainnet from Waves.

Back to the piece below, I love it. Connor currently owns it on the East Coast while 1 is in Peru and 1 in Australia but lost touch with others. Well back to work as I hide n grind. Stay safe and have a rad 4th if ya randomly come across this. ;)

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