Origin Of The Krakens

I made a couple dry versions for myself before I took 10yrs off back in 1999. in 2015 I had been traveling aimlessly for a couple years and broke down in Waco, Tx. One day while sitting in the lobby I saw a childrens book about a octopus who traveled among the coral reef never sleeping in one place. Without going in-depth it reminded me of what I was doing and thought why not do a octopus to symbolize my living behavior. 6yrs later still doing them and enjoying it. I started on 2021 reducing how many I made until a couple years from now I’ll only do 1 per month, ending once I get to #710. Everytime one exchanges hands on secondary market 5% go to coral restoration. Faq: What are the standard colors?

A: Black , Black Mathe, Ruby Red, Blue Dream (like my fav flower), Rust, Serum (CFL), Terps (Seasonal), Cotton Candy (Seasonal), Lotus Whit’s (Rare)

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