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Reef Kraken 🐙🪸🐠

Happy Tentacle Tuesday

Saying goodbye to Reef 🪸 🐙🐠 Kraken#7, on its way to Long Beach from the Midwest on this cold rainy day! Oh the bittersweet of discomfort while trying tp work, makes my challenge that much more fun.

These Krakens unfortunately will be super rare come summer with only a 5% chance of Ai choosing me to do one when i turn it over to code, to tell me what to make. :( That said i wish i had more time to add to this but didn’t make sense to make unltra builky. It features a hatched Baby Kraken which represents Kraken Eggs i will be adding to pieces. Only holders of these pieces will be able to Breed Krakens next year when i roll that out. (TBA)

Will be new glass styles for The Kraken Foundation once new logo (actually revised) with another artist, but same Kraken Queen. Yes a million hiccups this past 12months, but goal not changed one bit. I will be trying a different business approach tho, so never vulnerable to losses when it comes to this whole charity concept i been pushing for 5years. These pieces represent that love for the ocean and our coral reefs. Without that coral sand … the glass can’t take form. :)

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