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33.2580° N, 115.4623° W | Slabcity, CA

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Return to the Slabs

Stark contrast to up and coming bustling Art scene of St. Pete. Slabcity homes about 300 during brutal summers of 120 degrees to maybe 3000 in Winter. Homeless to million dollar coaches migrate south to this area known for no jurisdiction by the law. An old military base turned shelter for those who want to off grid.

I first found this area getting propane by the cashier, asking me if on my way to slabs. From that, I had to investigate. I stayed 3 winters following my first visit. The last 4 were spent in St. Pete after finding it in 2016 following a trip to Key West.

Slabs has changed from 2015. Especially from the absence of Radio Mike who was my 3 winter neighbor. He pasted from Cancer 3years ago, getting word from locals here. He inspired me to stick with glass when I told him I only planned originally to travel for 420 days doing glass. Then return to Santa Cruz to head back for a music recording degree.

Im staying within the Coachella Valley for personal reasons regardless of done with my Dichro projects. I have an ill family member I will not leave area until resolved…. even if I miss FL for the winter. Therefore instead of time spent just driving around, I will post up. I have obligations to my supporters and Galleries to focus on. So the Slabs I return after 5yrs. :) It’s crazy our here but if anyone ever wants to visit for a meetup I’ll keep ya posted. Crushing orders takes priority, then after I’ll sort if some wanna roll out for demo/ art meetup at The Range or whatever. It is a place to visit, but not everyone would be into the homestead idea. Haha

Here are some pics. Just wanted to give an update b4 torch session starts. :)

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