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Route 66

Time: 630am

Location: New Mexico Thanks to those that did a special message to ask if I’m alright. Ill be sending ya some slaps or goodies because I really appreciate the thought. Some offering help because I think they know I’d never ask for any. Yes I’m fine. You can help by finding a group helping those effected by fires.

Yes I been avoiding corona and fires for the last 2 months. Daily adjustments are common for me now. The grind with the unknown conditions ya, nothing surprises me anymore. Haha I’m comfortable being uncomfortable. My only concern is keep producing for my Kraken Fam.

Goodvibes to those on the West Coast tho. I have several friends that lost everything from Santa Cruz, Willits and Oregon. Unlike me they cannot just leave on a whim? (Thst a word)???

Im in New Mexico getting van looked at for a weird sound, since she has dealt with thousands of unexpected miles. With 2 pod drops the debate to ride into Texas or make way to Fl early is work is topic of the day.

Edited: My catalytic converter went out. Added lil black and white vid as I sit here and answer DMs n messages haha it’s like 90 :)


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