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Color Of The Week | Silver Serum

Color Of The Week | Silver Serum

Week 04

Silver Serum


Kraken: Yes

Company: Glass Alchemy

Pros: Great color that loves the heat. Everything i like about Serum + the added silver hues. Don't forget the CFL color change! Years ago i made my own version with moonstone or silver itself. Obviously they do it better and more convenient. :)

Standard color for Krakens or anything.

Cons: If i had to pick a con, only be that it isn’t a dense as Serum. Assuming it would need to be so can see the silver.

On week 4 of doing these reviews for myself and members. In hopes that it helps with picking a color of choice based off my thoughts. :) The Weekly Tentacle Pendant is now on tab if interested.

Now a #9 Favorite! Your feelings?

Silver Serum?

  • Yes

  • No

This weeks sponsored un asked for shout:

Member: @6starglass

who is also having a giveaway for one of Week 1s Unicorn Tears Tentacle Pendants if interested. :)

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