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Sunday Funday - Cooking? :)

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I never cooked my whole life but I’m dailing in my breakfast burritos and tacos on Tuesdays

. They have come pretty popular among buddies. haha Vegan friends so here is what I use. Maybe one day open lil heady vegan joint haha Anyhow below is the play. :) - Siete almond tortillas

- Siete seasoning

- Himilayian salt

- Beyond spicy sausage

- Just eggg

- Cilantro (Buy same day I use)

- Daiya pepperjack cheese

- Onions

- Avo

- Use coconut oil not butter

Secret is add the cheese to the egg at the end, but cook the meat first separately. 💦

Btw ill make anybody a burrito or tacos if we cross paths. :)

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