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Tentacle Pendants Re- Stock

Tuesday will be shipping this summers pendants to get Dichro coated and some to a few Galleries on my šŸ™ drop list. Seeing some fav people in Texas Headielove (Online) and Connoisseur (In-Store) Smoke in few weeks who will be getting a couple. Friends Greenhouse up in MA who I see for a drop in Oct will be adding a couple to hold them over as well. A couple stabdard colors will be added to my homepage but rare ones will be at the Galleries. So if ya randomly see this post you get a heads up before I send to email list or post on IG. :) Gotta end so I can post before cell dies.

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1 Comment

Carmen Avila
Carmen Avila
Jun 07, 2020

Awesome. I'd love a tentacle Pendent

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