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Tentacle Tuesday

Fav part of the week. :)

FAQ: Where can I scoop a Kraken? As XMas approaches there will only be a handful left being hatched as end of Dec is dedicated to hatchin‘ the Krypto Kraken. Below are a couple of Galleries who just had some enroute. If you randomly see this and first to adopt one of these from them, please join as a member and message me. I will have 1 of the last 7 Krypto Kraken Trading Card NFTs for ya. :)

*Btw there is a member airdrop today of second edition of the cards for Tentacle Tuesday. #



*All for those abroad

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Nov 18, 2021

How do we get a Krypto KRAKEN Trading Card? I'm waiting for mine to be hatched. Do owner's get one? Or is it a totally different thing?

Is this KRAKEN above a Ruby Red?


Stephanie E
Stephanie E
Oct 20, 2021

This Kraken… I’m in love

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