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Throwback Thursday | Australia

In 2015 and 2019 I went downunder to experience Vanlife for 3 Months each visit. That is the max for a Visa. First to surf and later to blowglass and visit friends from the prior trip. I missed a return in 2020 when Covid hit.

It was awesome. I discussed in depth a return in near future with amazing guys at A Friend Indeed Australia. They have had a set order on waitlist that is hatching soon and talked Drop | Demo at the end of their Summer. (Our Spring)

Anyhow here are a few pics of 2015, gotta love throwback thursdays. I must admit I regret not taking video. :)

Sidenote on picture below.


Glass is made from sand. I wanted to find the purest sand in the world on % of Silica. It exists on a couple small islands called The Whitsundays. Their off the coast in Great Barrier Reef. Highest in the world. Hubble Telescope they claim used glass incorporating this sand. :)

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