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Wicked aka jimi

The Short

My name is jimi and from Santa Cruz, Ca. I spell my name as is since age 12, because I love Hendrix. My favorite artist of all time. My dad originally named me Giacomo, but couldn’t spell it. I might use the name with my other Kraken art in future. haha I am a glass artist with a focus on functional glass art, in more ways than one. On the torch fulltime+++ to provide my cat Lily who requires food 4 times a day. I’m single but I believe in not floating the truth, i like someone but most likely it will not work out. Objective, not negative. Haha I have 2 cats Nala n Lily I been running around states with for almost 10yrs (Hence member badge) minus covid lockdown here in St. Pete, at Atlantis Studio. (Main)

The Long

…..but quick, but longer than the short.

Not into writing bios but some are clueless on a million things. Although I’m from Santa Cruz I was born at Stanford in Palo Alto, where my Pops is from. Been blowing glass since 1997 and self taught before I took 10yrs off to follow music recording at San Francisco State. Returned to glass in 2012 ,when I decided to fund roaming around. Im not shy, socially bi-polar. I’m honest and believe in staying ethically in the black. (Be good to people) Love my members and my adoring Kraken Owners. Some waiting 2-3 years. :( ❤️ I’m working hard on a system that gives back to these rad supporters. I detoxed in 2015 and haven’t been able to regain (have no interest either) my tolerance still to this day. So my meetups are not as exciting with dabs everywhere. I love traveling and since 2012 used a A class, C class, my Westy and now a retrofitted woodie skoolie bus to wander around here soon. The goal is to try and encourage other Artists to join my Wicked Art Group, WAG. Not just to collab but help tokenize their art. The WAGs’ chore purpose is create art tied to royalties which generate $ for Coral Restoration Charity. I believe I’ve found my purpose as I’ve always loved the ocean growing up surfing and diving. It was too easy just to float around and blow glass aimlessly.

After 9yrs i finally gave back the studio in Santa Cruz I never returned to. I’m based now out of a thriving art district in St. Pete Florida. It is where the guy Derek I met made this dope ass Poseidon mural. Why all the Greek mythology? My dream job use to be a nautical archeologist and I’m a huge fan of Plato. The first who mentioned Atlantis. :)

“The greatest wealth is to live

content with little.” - Plato

*Posting so people have a idea, here I am. Some believe it or not ask my name when it is in my profile. Haha Sorry my grammar sucks. :) #muchl☮️ve

**If you see this let me know where you are from and maybe a little about you! :)

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