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UPDATE: Santa Cruz 🐙 Drop

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Well as of today Sunday 20th something, still no luck to find new (rebuilt) transmission. I don’t think I mentioned last time I logged on that it went out 3 days later following my quarantine from Covid. After 2 weeks it was diagnosed by the leading VW transmission experts in Bend, OR. Conclusion? its f^*}{. !!Not even the core case is worth saving. Therefore a whole unit is in need and people just don’t give them up, it’s like the backbone of a van haha After ever lead came up neg from friends who know the majority of vanlife scene, still no luck. Nothing from Canada to San Diego as Far East to Texas. Resolution? I have no clue what to do. It directs me into not knowing when I can do my drop in SC. The Woodie Bus I pick up mid Oct in Tahoe and will return to SC to get an idea on next move.

The drop I’ll include Woodie to cookup some eats n stuff after I find a location at the beach by studio. I’m passing on the hotel idea unless friends would like me to book. With Santa Cruz being such a pain to park, I don’t see me lingering in Santa Cruz much longer following the drop. (Might fly back to sort van when ready.) I’m high rambling sorry. Haha Smoked to pass out so I can wake early to crush remaining wholesales to move to some drop items.

I apologize but some preordered pieces for drop and I will attempt to drop ship prior to drop if extends too far towards Nov. Actually I think if I hit some back drop is sold out already but still wanna cook n hang. ;)

I posted the route that will lead me back to St. Pete after Alex (Upcycled Skateboards Owner who creates wood magic out of ... yep skateboards) he will be building a workbench inside Woodie. Idea so I can blowglass in between destination drops. After landing in St. Pete we have several art gatherings planned for the studio there and will work on preparations for 2022 Drops which is almost complete. Stoked to get together for kraken cookouts, collabs and meet several of ya and maybe give a lesson. Maybe members can jump aboard a nite and get to know some of ya, I love people but Westy I must admit is a tad to small to just invite anyone.

I will update where and why those stops later. If near or on that route leave a comment. Finally found some help assistant wise as well so finally get ball responding to messages or questions as well. :)


*Included some random pics. A pic of extra space for a glass buddie or member buddie. Outside kitchen. Gps globe. Installed springs to hold back bedroom door open, random. Can’t find to show work bench when done. :)

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