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WAG mission statement?

Lil motivation. I was going to post about OKEECHOBEE, but going to wait because gotta get on torch and wanted to leave a quick message. :) This mornin at breakfast i talked to a friend who was kinda down. I had to express everything that happens needs perspective. 85% of people do not do what they love. I always say not following what feels natural will eat your soul. People banking on waiting until retirement to do it. Studies show most if given only 1 day to live, their perspective changes. I love the quote “Every person has two lives, second is when he realizes he has one.” Perspective is everything. Must step over the imaginary lines people that ridicule with attempt to c+#{{ block.

My point is, I wanted my assistants and random members | buddies know my ideology of sort, I live by. Do what you love. Kinda like a mission statement for WAG. I’ll have Lily rewrite to make sense to a younger artist. Haha

Sidenote: Pink Floyd is my fav band. Jimi Hendrix (why I spell my name) is fav overall performer, but David Gilmour is my fav guitarist. At 70 he returned to Italy to play the Roman Theater 50 yrs later. To crush in my opinion, the best guitar solo of all time at 70!! Almost 2 solos in this edited version. At 70! He was a guitar god at 22 but at 70, poured out 50yrs of doing what he loves. Absolutely biggest inspiration to me personally. Anyhow just ate a big ass donut with coffee so the monk fruit sugar is translating this quick style. Haha

Not sure if anyone is a Pink Floyd fan, but this is a great rendition to amazing song and live or not best guitar solo ever i believe. :)

New weekend!! Let’s get it. I’m finishing a festival colored Kraken for Puff Factory. What ya‘all up 2? Also $Wicked|$Pepper Saturday wheel spin coming (TBA)

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