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What’s Kraken??? :)

Goodmorning, for anyone randomly stumbles upon this. :) Happy Tentacle Tuesday! I hope everyone had a kicka$$ weekend. Soo what’s been kraken?

  • Implementing Koin system over next few months.

  • Finishing touches on The Proper Pipe drop and hope to have the Krakens on chain. Otherwise I

  • 420 drop got pushed back to May with Greenhouse so I can do a *live demo and include possible collabs w/ Sizelove, Fitt, Muller, Crunklestein before leaving to Ireland. Fitt and Sizelove are confirmed. :)

  • Krystal Krakens as of May 13th will change so trying to sort that idea as I finish up couple on the retaillist as well.

  • Oh had a custom pull of Dichro created in “Kraken” black thanks to friends and sponsors back in LA. Dichroic Coatings. :) First thing attempted is this Traveler.

  • Release of 20 Tentacle Tubes in standard Kraken colors (Blk, Blue Dream, Teal/Pink, Cadillac Pink, Rust, and ya’all decided Telamegenta) for virtual sesh on 420 which will drop Apr 1st. That way can arrive in time.

  • Hope everyone has rad week and will post lil giveaway at 420!! :)

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