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What’s Kraken? Events posted. :)

Take a deep breath is what I do when you plan so much and virus comes out of fucking nowhere to throw a wrench in the plans. Hey were safer for it so it is what it is. Haha I put Ireland on the map for next year again as well as Galleries who are on the Pod drop list. I won’t go into excuses for delays as I been back ordered for a year since 2016. That is a blessing but I just try to make too many people happy and when shit hits the fan, a domino drops. All I can say I’m taking even more precautions going into 2021 by cutting back the amount of Krakens hatching, allowing for situation. :) It is also part of a halving idea to maintain a value thru scarcity, more importantly allows me to work on blockchain ideas. Very time consuming and expensive. I’m literally investing 1000s (40k to tokenize on Eth chain, not sure how much on soon to use Cardano Shelley) into my own work so a secondary market thrives as I continue other glass projects.... yes Kraken related!! Haha I have 10 non functional environmental inspired ones, 5 cold worked ones, 5 soft glass just off top of my head. blah blah sorry sun got to me. The point is I’ll have less time to answer where to buy but make it easier through my events tab. Closer to the drops I’ll add descriptions of colors etc. So I hope it helps and appreciate all of my online buddies. Here I was lookin for surf but I’m a baby and still scared of my back but it’s flat anyhow. I think I’ll re introduce by staying a week in Waco Texas at a surf park so I know I won’t drown if back goes out. Enough rambling time to move onto LA to finish some Dichro projects, then visit a new Gallery in Ventura as I wait to link with Evol making his way West. :)

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Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi

Sorry if grammar errors I do this through my cell and once it’s too long I can’t see it all. Have a kickass Friday if randomly see this.

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