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A charity I’m starting next year 2021 but started donating on behalf of a few years ago. Glass is made of majority silica and why not give back to where it originated from. haha Anyhow I’ll mention more about it but long story short, each kraken will donate % to both plastic awareness and coral restoration. My whole life I watched people pollute the beach but I was too stoned to do anything about it (weed is not a bad thing I was just personally lazy). Now when when I’m in town I comb the beach to clean every morning and mostly on weekends following high traffic inconsiderate tourists. I’ve seen what happens in places like India and Asia where lack of giving a fuck takes over. One day when I can pull myself away from the torch long enough I’ll start a campain to implement super strict littering fees. Maybe hire some homeless and throw tees on them to somehow site people Haha who knows. If you would like to join I’ll add you as a private member here and issue you a member Koin. Start with the first weekend of the month group. :)

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